Stay Ready!

Rod Reyes   May 11, 2016   Comments Off on Stay Ready!

Hey People!  I just got back from a college show in Dodge City KS.  The venue was lovely, and by that I don’t mean that the cafeteria was especially clean.  I mean that there was a lovely, 300 seat theatre with a large, very well lit stage.  I was treated generously and graciously by my contact, and the students really seemed to enjoy the show!  This job literally fell into my lap, but I had to do a little due diligence to land it.  If you’re a new comic, remember that it’s your job to have a resume, press kit, video links, headshots and any other promotional materials handy at a moment’s notice. Surely you don’t imagine you’re the only comic being considered, right?  That’s why Oreo’s have 30 different variations on the shelf!  Lord forbid you look at another cookie.  In addition, do your reps.  I know that open mics can be tiresome, but you don’t get paid for practice, and you don’t get paid if you don’t. Stay ready!  RR