Welcome To My Page!

Rod Reyes   April 30, 2016   Comments Off on Welcome To My Page!

We all know the old cliché about every great journey beginning with one step.  While the path of my comedy career began decades ago, and the print of that first step has long since been erased, these words mark the very beginning of my website, which I can only hope will interest you as much as I am interested in exploring the possibilities of 21st century technology!  I’m certain of one thing, and that’s that I can’t do it by myself.  My designer will be working with me to educate me in the navigation, but I will also be “speaking” with you, visitors and fans, for any content that would make this page more appealing, informative, and fun to explore.  That’s enough for now, since anything further would be putting the cart before the horse.  See you all soon!